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Точка доступа Reyee RG-RAP6260(G), фото 2Точка доступа Reyee RG-RAP6260(G), фото 3Точка доступа Reyee RG-RAP6260(G), фото 4Точка доступа Reyee RG-RAP6260(G), фото 5Точка доступа Reyee RG-RAP6260(G), фото 6Точка доступа Reyee RG-RAP6260(G), фото 7Точка доступа Reyee RG-RAP6260(G), фото 8

Точка доступа Reyee RG-RAP6260(G)

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Точка доступа Reyee RG-RAP6260(G)
Точка доступа Reyee RG-RAP6260(G)Под заказ
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+7 (771) 159-15-15
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  • +7 (747) 812-54-74
    Алина / Мобильный / Whats app
+7 (771) 159-15-15
Богдан / Мобильный / Whats app
  • +7 (747) 812-54-74
    Алина / Мобильный / Whats app

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Внешняя точка доступа Reyee RG-RAP6260(G)

RG-RAP6260(G) is one of the wireless products fully developed by Ruijie Reyee. The device supports 802.3at PoE In power supply. With concurrent 2.4GHz and 5GHz, the AP supports dual-band dual-stream MIMO technology, providing 574Mbps at 2.4G, and 1201Mbps at 5G.


RG-RAP6260(G) applies for IP68 protection on the outer shell design, which is suitable in the outdoor environment and voids the influence from the extreme condition. The device meets the demanding requirements, such as able to perform under ultra-cold and humid weather. This reduces the difficulty of installation and maintenance. RG-RAP6260(G) supports Power over Ethernet remote mode, which is highly suitable for many scenarios such as education, government, medical, finance, business. 

Speedy Dual Band Access Point

With concurrent 2.4GHz and 5GHz, the AP supports dual-band dual-stream MIMO technology, providing 574Mbps at 2.4GHz, 1201Mbps at 5GHz and up to 1775Mbps per AP. In addition, it offers a comfortable experience for low interference, wide band width and high-speed 5Ghz frequency band.

Flexible Gigabit Uplink Options

The RG-AP6260(G) outdoor access point offers one 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet uplink port that rids the LAN port of the wireless access bottleneck and one 1000M SFP port that adapts to wired networking structure under different user scenarios. In addition, the SFP Base-X port takes up the data transmission workload for optimal network deployment.

Support Both Router and AP Mode

The device supports both router and AP mode. It can set up Wi-Fi with multiple AP devices. At the same time, it can be a router when uses individually. The device has a flexible setting, various functions and can be APPlied in many scenarios.

Support Layer 3

Even in the complex layer three networks, the device supports layer 3 roaming, which can provide the best experience even when the client is across the layer 3 network.

Stronger and More Stable Signal

With high-quality antennas, the transmitted signal is stronger and receiving sensitivity is better. In addition, the equipment uses FBAR filters which can effectively filter out various interferences, including operator’s cell sites, microwave ovens, Bluetooth devices, etc. Therefore, the wireless signal is cleaner, the transmission rate is higher, and the transmission quality is more stable.

Outstanding Environment Suitability

The outer shell of the product applies a completely sealed waterproof, dust-proof, moisture-proof and flame-retardant design. It meets the requirements of the IP68 protection level. It can be placed outdoors for a long time and still perform under harsh environments such as windy, rainy, and humid weather. As a result, the life cycle of the equipment is greatly improved, and at the same time and the user's subsequent maintenance costs can be effectively reduced.

Easy-to-Use Installation

It is able install outdoor. There are three types of installation, wall mount, horizontal and vertical installation. It is more efficient by using the one-step installation.

Industrial Design

It applies industrial outer shell design, which has the typical angular design. With breathing lights, it has high recognizability.

Multi-End Management

The AP supports management via Ruijie Cloud APP, Ruijie Cloud platform, EWeb management to achieve multi-end local and remote management on PC, Ruijie Cloud APP.

Fast and Smart Configuration

In large-scale complex networks, the entire network configuration can be completed by connecting to a single gateway device. As a result, there is no need to configure the devices separately, which can significantly reduce the configuration time of the device.

Scenario-Based Configuration

Scenario-based configurations can be performed via the EWeb and Ruijie Cloud APP, which can significantly reduce the configuration threshold of complex functions, such as visitor isolation solution, flow control solution, etc. Therefore, even novices can easily fulfil the diverse and complex requirements of the customers.

Visualized Operation and Maintenance

The cloud computing network topology can comprehensively present the equipment operating status of the entire network. Through the rich information in the topology, you can quickly get the complete picture of the network (network egress status, link status, device status) and quantify the user experience and network quality to master the information of the entire network.

Remote Assistance Management

The client can manage all devices via Ruijie Cloud APP, Ruijie Cloud platform to perform the remote assistance management. To achieve high effective management on the corporate internet, it can also share and give others access to perform remote assistance management.

Network Optimization with Big Data AI

Through artificial intelligence combined with cloud big data, comprehensive network intelligent operation and maintenance and optimization can be carried out. Including but not limited to:

Possess automatic system repair capabilities such as automatic identification and merging of new equipment, WAN port IP address conflict avoidance, etc.

Provide system intelligent optimization capabilities such as business-based network policy configuration, radio frequency channel and roaming characteristics adjustment.

Provides diagnosis and repair suggestions for more than 30 common network anomalies, including DHCP conflicts, abnormal negotiation rates, traffic overruns, AP offline, device interference, etc.

Technical Specification

Specification Description




Dual-stream dual-band


Concurrent 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax

Operating Bands

802.11b/g/n/ac/ax :2.4G ~ 2.4835GHz

802.11a/n/ac/ax: 5G:5.150~5.350GHz,5.725~5. (country specific)


Internal antennas (2.4G: 4dBi,5G: 6dBi)

Spatial Streams

2.4G 2x2MIMO 5G 2x2MIMO

Max Throughput

Up to 575Mbps at 2.4G

Up to 1200Mbps at 5G

Totally 1775Mbps per AP



Receive Sensitivity




11ac HT20:-83dBm(MCS0), -57dBm(MCS9)

11ac HT40:-79dBm(MCS0), -57dBm(MCS9)

11ac HT80:-76dBm(MCS0), -51dBm(MCS9)

11ax:HE80:-82dBm(MCS0), -57dBm(MCS9),-52dBm(MCS11)

Maximum Output Power of the Transmitter

(Single Stream)



(country-specific,comply with local laws)

Adjustable Power



298mm×298mm×65mm (excluding mounting kits)


≤1.35kg (excluding mounting kits)

Service Ports

1 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet port supports PoE IN;

1 100/1000 Base-X SFP Port

Management Port


LED Indicator

Single indicator (Blue light)

Power Supply

802.3af/802.3 at PoE

Power Consumption





Operating Temperature:-40°C~65°C

Storage Temperature:-40°C~85°C

Operating humidity:0%~100%, non-condensing

Storage humidity:0%~100%,condensing/non-condensing



Safety Standard

GB4943、IEC 60950-1

EMC Standard

GB9254、EN301 489,EN50155:EN50121

Vibration Standard


Radio Standard

EN300 328,EN301 893




Maximum number of clients: 512

Recommended number of clients: 100

Up to 8 SSID

Support SSID hiding

Configuring the authentication mode, encryption mechanism, and VLAN attributes for each SSID

SSID-based and radio-based STA limit

Support Layer 2 user isolation


Support layer 2 and layer 3 roaming


Support PSK authentication

Support static blacklist and whitelist

Support WPA(TKIP),WPA2(AES),WPA-PSK data encryption


Support static IP address, DHCP, PPPoE Dial

Management and Maintenance

Support unified networking of all network equipment

Support local or remote management with Ruijie Cloud APP

Support local management with web

Support remote management with Ruijie Noc Cloud platform

Platform Management Features

Automatic RF adjustment via the platform

Unified configuration via the platform

Unified monitoring via the platform

ПроизводительJinan Ruijie Mechanical Equipment
Страна производительКитай
Тип антенныВнешняя
Интерфейс подключения к интернет (WAN)Ethernet
Пользовательские характеристики
Функция Power BankFalse
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